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c.1850 Rare American Glass Plate Skeleton Clock.  
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Inv. #: g160

Maker: Smith, New York

Description: A very rare mid-19th century American glass plate skeleton clock by Smith, New York.

Case: The movement is mounted at three points to a thick glass plate with refined edges that is held by two decorative silvered supports atop an unusually patterned marble base.

Dial: The white porcelain chapter-ring dial has black Roman numerals for the hours and steel-cut hands.

Movement: The eight-day time-only skeletonized movement has 4 pillars, a large great-wheel, finely executed five-spoke gearwork and is signed on the front cross-piece ‘Smith, New York’. The pendulum has a steel rod, lenticular bob, is supported by a suspension spring and is adjusted for fast/slow by a knurled knob above.

Notes: There are only a few known examples of this maker’s work. Two of the plates are stamped ‘SP Lehv MD’ who was a prominent collector during the mid to late 20th century.

Ref: NAWCC Bulletin, Vol. 45/2, No. 343, 4/2003, pg.223. NAWCC Bulletin, Vol. 45/4, No. 345, 8/2003, pg.503.

Size: 18.5in. x 8.5 in.

Categories: Science, Clocks & Technology


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